Disclaimer* - This project is not stating that being abnormal is a negative form. Everyone is of course, unique in their own way. Socialfy is here as an idea of a safe-zone for people who feel that they seem unfit in a social situation due to their behavior and what-not. At the end of the day, do you boo.
The mission of Socialfy is to be an online-identifying tool where people who feel unfit in the social norm can learn and apply what they've learned in any situation. Socialfy is a judgement-free, learning zone where it could provide people helpful tips to whom have observed or experienced being unfit in a social situation. This is solely for educational purposes for people to resort to this application anytime and anywhere before they experience another day of being judged in a social situation.
To have a source where other individuals can come together to submit their live situations that they have felt the feeling of not fitting in or having said something which in all lead them to being judged.
Making sure that first source of the foundation for the application were all credible and unbiased of the types of situations an individual may for sure go through. Then, confirming and approving users' own situations to be also credible enough for others to learn from. Also, a lot of situations could be hard to identify as abnormal depending on anyone's perspective of how they act or say from that moment. Some people might think that it was normal for whomever on how they acted or said while others might think it was abnormal.
For users to develop and figure out their own unique identity where they could still withhold their full personality and thoughts, but simply stick to the social norm at the end of the day.
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